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Handline Nozzle | Spray Nozzle

Update Terakhir
02 / 04 / 2024
Min. Pembelian
1 Pcs


Rp. 17.825.000
Kami Diarindo Krisnatama adalah perusahaan swasta yang bergerak dibidang Fire Safety seperti, Pemasangan dan Perawatan Proteksi Kebakaran meliputi Alat Pemadam Api Ringan ( APAR ) , Instalasi Deteksi Alarm , Hydrant System , Sprinkler System dan System Pemadam Otomatik Integrated, Keselamatan kerja, Alat Pelindung Diri ,dan refill APAR

Detail Handline Nozzle | Spray Nozzle


1. 316 stainless steel spinning teeth ensure corrosion resistance and durability
2. Raised lug for flashover fog setting
3. Laser etched anodized indicating bands for long life and easy use.(No stick labels to fade or come loose)
4. Large metal flow select ring (Easy to change flow settings even with a wet glove)
5. Flush without changing pattern or shutting down
6. New improved handle with two reinforced metal pieces on each side to ensure breakage free
7. Stainless steel inlet screen catches solid before they enter nozzle (only things that gets through can be flushed without shutting down)
8. Heavy duty chrome plated metal shutoff balls ensures a smooth action and long dependable service life
9. Ergonomic shaped pistol grip for comfort. Pistol grip standard on all models. (Also available in various colors
10. Each nozzle etched with a unique series number Aids identification, tracks manufacturing date and warranty
11. Flow pattern détentes gives positive positioning

Specification :
Style : 368
Length : 9.8”
Weight (Lbs) : 5.5
Flow : GPM = 90-125-150-200-250 / LPM = 360-475-550-750-950

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